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The concept of Agnihotra is not alien to us as we must have come across HOMA’s being performed in temples or at homes on special occasions. Agnihotra, a special type of HOMA, is an ancient practice which involves preparing a special healing fire and is performed twice a day – during sunrise and sunset.

Agnihotra is a simple healing fire from the ancient Vedas. Agnihotra is the antidote for all the problems we have created for ourselves and for the whole of the Nature. Agnihotra is a process of purifying the atmosphere through a specially prepared fire. Agnihotra is a basic HOMA for all the HOMA practices given in the ancient sciences of Bio energy, Psychotherapy, Medicine, Agriculture, Biogenetics, Climate Engineering and Interplanetary Communication.

Agnihotra ( Agni – Fire, Hotra – Healing). Agnihotra can be performed by anybody, as long as it is done with the right intentions and care is given to certain aspects of the rituals.

What Studies Have To Say about Agnihotra

Several international studies have documented the positive impact of Agnihotra on the atmosphere. One of such studies was done in the 1980s at a Warsaw university in Poland. It showed that the bacterial count went down, after Agnihotra. After 12 hours of performing Agnihotra, less than 10 per cent of the original bacterial count was remaining.

Some other studies done in Fergusson College, Pune; Vikram University, Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, and at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon showed marked reduction in Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter (RSPM), Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) and in the oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen in air. This assumes significance as both RSPM and SPM are considered harmful for our respiratory system.

Dr. Ulrich Berk from Germany shares an astonishing finding on the positive impact of Agnihotra ash on drinking water. Berk advises one to add Agnihotra Ash to our drinking water. The ash removes pathogenic bacteria from water, and helps in purifying it. An impressive experiment done by Dr. John Matlander of Cuenca, Ecuador further elucidates this finding. Experiments indicate that Ash and fumes from Agnihotra, and even just proximity to Agnihotra fire can help purify water. Improvement in the water quality on the banks of India’s Narmada river was also observed within three days of adding the Agnihotra ash to the water body.

How to Perform Agnihotra

Agnihotra is a simple yet effective ritual and could be done hassle free at Home, Apartment, Garden, Office, Car, Agriculture field.... as per your wish, weekly or even on a daily basis. While anyone can perform Agnihotra, most important consideration to be kept in mind is the timing of the Agnihotra. It should be performed during sunrise and sunset for best results. One can go through the panchang (Hindu calendar) of that particular day to know about the exact time of sunrise and sunset, and keep all the preparation ready beforehand.

Essential Items Required for Agnihotra:

  • Dried Cow Dung Cake.

  • Small sized Copper or Gold Pyramid Pot.

  • Pure cow ghee (unsalted).

  • 2 pinches of unpolished rice (Brown rice is preferable).

  • Matches for igniting fire.

  • Camphor.


  • Take a small piece of dried cow dung cake and place it at the bottom of the copper pyramid pot.

  • Place two cow dung pieces horizontally and two pieces vertically such that a hollow space is created in the center of the copper pot

  • Take another piece of dry cow dung and apply cow ghee to it.

  • Ignite the fire at appropriate time (ideally five minutes before sunrise/sunset).

  • Take few grains of unpolished rice in your left hand and apply a few drops of pure cow ghee to the rice and mix well.

  • Divide the smeared rice into two portions.

Morning Agnihotra

During exact time of sunrise, chant the morning mantra:

Sooryaya Swaaha Suryaya Idan Na mama

Prajapataye Swaaha Prajapataye Idan Na mama

As soon as you utter swaaha in the first mantra, take one portion (one pinch) of the rice and offer it to the fire. Similarly, after uttering swaaha in the second mantra, offer the remaining rice to fire.

Concentrate on the healing fire until all offerings are fully burnt. The morning Agnihotra concludes.

Evening Agnihotra

Now, at the exact time of sunset, chant the below mantra as follows:

Agnaye Swaaha Agnaye Idam Na mama

Prajapataye Swaaha Prajapataye Na mama

Similar to morning ritual, after uttering swaaha both times, offer the two portions of rice mixture to the fire. Concentrate on the healing fire until all offerings are fully burnt. The evening Agnihotra concludes.

Benefits of Agnihotra HOMA

The benefits of Agnihotra are immense :

  • Agnihotra helps in purifying the air and surroundings. The copper pyramid pot used in the process generates negative ions, and help clear the air of various hazardous particles. Furthermore, the cow dung and pure ghee act as natural disinfectants and reduce bacteria and toxicity in the air and surroundings.

  • Agnihotra not only helps in reducing pathogenic bacteria and other pollutants in the air, but also purifies water resources in the surrounding areas. Agnihotra HOMA ensures healthy air and pure drinking water – thus providing a strong foundation for good health.

  • The chanting of the Agnihotra mantra activates special vibrations. Mantras are said to have a positive effect on every aspect of human life and surroundings.

  • Chanting of Mantras in the HOMA help calm the mind and relieve mental stress.

  • The magnetic field created by Agnihotra neutralizes the negative energy and intensifies the ‘prana’ and positive energy in the house. This is also considered good in removing obstacles obstructing our progress.

  • The unpolished rice offers a balance of ying-yang effect and releases several ethereal oils. The smoke generated from the HOMA binds harmful radiations in the air and neutralizes the radioactive effect.

  • The HOMA on the whole purifies blood and benefits circulatory system.

  • Chanting and concentration during HOMA is found to renew brain cells too.

  • Brings clarity, focus, and makes you stronger, able to accomplish and do things, and work on your inner energies.

  • Participation in HOMA regularly also helps rejuvenate the skin over a period of time.

  • A magnetic like energy field is generated around plants during Agnihotra. HOMA atmosphere acts as a catalyst on plant metabolism, helps carry the nutrients equally throughout the plant and thus promotes strength and disease resistance. The ash left after the HOMA could be offered to plants, and helps in nourishing the plant.

  • HOMA atmosphere strengthens the health of animals, birds and all living organisms.

A clean and healthy environment is an important precondition for ensuring good health.

Thus, by starting with our homes and cleaning up the air and water through ancient practices like the Agnihotra, we can reduce or at least prevent some of the greatest health risks posed to us by environmental pollution.


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