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About Us

NavLi Naturals is a Vegan, eco-Friendly & Bio-Degradable skin care product manufacturer from Pondicherry. Our products are crafted with Love and Handmade with natural ingredients to nourish and nurture your skin, and are free from harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. We believe that beauty should be Sustainable and Affordable.

Soap Curing

Our Products

All NavLi Products are Biodegradable, Free from  synthetic additives like Sulphates / Parabens / Triclosans  / Alcohol / Chemical preservatives / Petroleum derivatives like Mineral Oils / Paraffin / Hexanes / Artificial  Perfumes or Colorants.

NavLi products are 100% handmade in small batches by trained rural women ,there by supporting their talent, livelihoods & rural communities. We never use machinery.


Soap packing
Soap in mould


All of our products are VEGAN,contains no animal based ingredient. Products are prepared using energy efficient and environment friendly methods so that only good things goes back to Mother earth.

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