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Benefits of Rakthashali

Rakthashali - Medicinal Red Rice



Charaka Samhita, which is the oldest text on Ayurvedic medicine mentions the curative properties of Raktashali Red Rice. It is known to help produce blood cells and considered to be very good for women who are anaemic. Raktashali has high levels of Vitamin B5 which help in the production of red blood cells. Therefore, it is good for women and also persons undergoing various high-stress illnesses and treatments.

Raktashali Red rice is a rare variety widely used for medicinal purpose in the country and it is nearly extinct. The rice with red husk and grain is acclaimed from Vedic times as a medicinal rice variety. The grain is said to be good in treating ‘Tridoshas’ (the three humours, namely Vata, Pita and Kapha). It helps to maintain equilibrium in the body.

Raktashali had occupied special position since time immemorial and is highly valued as it has the power to cure diseases. In the past, many traditional red rice varieties with specific quality were grown organically for use as food and medicine. This red rice is specifically used in increasing milk secretion in lactating mothers. It is offered along with fenugreek and salt or sugar to promote lactation.

Besides being a functional food for promoting lactation, Rakthashali is acknowledged for its therapeutic values in the treatment of allergies and skin ailments, uterus-related problems, gastrointestinal problem, liver, kidney, nerve disorders and is also known to combat cancer. This red rice variety improves blood circulation and is recently being recommended by doctors to boost the immunity system against Covid – 19. Rakthashali is a powerhouse of Antioxidant (Selenium & Polyphenol), Zinc, Calcium, Iron, which play a crucial role in strengthening the body.

Rakthashali is known as one of the rarest and most precious varieties of rice in the red rice family. This traditional rice variety is good for making kanji or rice porridge and payasam. In some places, the steamed rice is served with curries. Rakthashali Rice can be consumed by all ages, especially the aged, the ailing, and the young.

Benefits of Rakthashali Red Rice:

  • Rakthashali Rice helps to produce blood cells and contributes a stronger immune system.

  • Experts recommend Rakthashali Rice for women who are anaemic. The traditional rice variety helps to stabilise or retain blood count in the body.

  • Each grain is dense with nutrients and vitamins required for a strong and sound body.

  • It aids metabolism and helps in weight loss. Hence people on diet or plan to shed extra pounds, may prefer Rakthashali Rice.

  • The nutritional part of the rice helps to build stamina and boost immunity.

  • Studies have proven that certain elements in the Rakthashali Rice reduce the risk of Cancer, Anaemia and Diabetes.

  • It helps in relieving constipation without medication and keeps your skin looking glistening clean with its nutrition contents.


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