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Benefits of Poongar Rice – Women’s Rice

Poongar rice also called as ‘Poongar arisi’ is one of traditional rice variety of Tamilnadu, which uses natural farming methods. It is flood tolerant and requires less water. It is slightly reddish in colour and resembles Mappilai Samba Rice. It is hand pounded and has more minerals than other type of rice. It is also called as ‘women’s rice’, as it cures most of women’s hormonal issues. It is especially beneficial to pregnant women’s and lactating mothers.

Poongar Rice helps to recover from celiac disease, cures diabetes, reduces cholesterol, increases the hemoglobin content in the blood and boosts the immune system. Regular intake of Poongar Rice by pregnant women, leads to normal vaginal delivery.

This rice is rich in anthocyanin (an antioxidant). Anthocyanin gives it colour (reddish brown) and flavour (nutty). Poongar rice also contain mineral like Iron, Zinc, Magnesium and Molebidinum. Its husk is also nutritious and tasty.

Poongar rice is one of the most wonderful option for making delicious Idlis, Dosas, Idiyappam, Puttu and Kanji. Not suitable for Lunch.


A) Helpful for pregnant women: Poongar rice is highly recommended for pregnant women and lactating mothers, as it provides strength to the body. It is normally given to them in the form of Kanji. When pregnant women consume Poongar Rice on regular basis, baby will be hale and healthy when born.

B) Removes bad sweat from body: It contains anthocyanin (antioxidant) which helps to kick out the bad sweat out of the body and provide a healthy living.

C) Boost Immune System: It increases haemoglobin content in blood and thus boost immunity system. It provides strength to the body and controls/prevents from paralysis. It has numerous micronutrients and hence consuming it gives enough vital nutrients required to strengthen the body.

D) Contain vitamin B1: It contains vitamin B1 which is especially helpful in case of mouth and stomach ulcer and stomach related problem.

E) It is also helpful for headache and is said to boost memory.

F) Diabetes: Poongar rice when consumed, avoids mixing of glucose in the blood stream when compared to the consumption of other rice varieties. Thus, it is best suited for diabetic patients.

G) Cholesterol Management : Excessive cholesterol in the body may block the blood circulation which eventually leads to heart attack. Consuming Poongar helps in lowering the Cholesterol level in your body. It is high in fiber which helps in easy digestion. Poongar also lowers the heart risks, obesity related problems and induces appetite.


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