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Welcome to NavLi Naturals

Since 2016, NavLi Naturals has been a well-known Natural Cold Process Soap Maker in Puducherry. We started out as a hobby, has become our passion and we're delighted to share it with you.

  • NavLi Soaps are 100% Natural Handmade Cold Processed Soap which gives nourishments to your skin. 

  • It is not a simple commodity, it's more of Aroma and Harmony of life.

  • It is free from Synthetic Colorants, Chemical Preservatives and Chemical Fragrances.

  • It is formulated for you using real Vegetable Oils, Essential Oils and Butters.

  • It is 100% Bio-Degradable.

  • It retains the natural glycerin normally not in industrial products which acts as a skin protector.

  • We provide different flavours as per the need of customers who has different comfort level.

Our Services Include

Handmade Cold Process Soap  // Hair oil  // Shampoo // Cold balm  // Mosquito Repellent  // Face Gels // Face Creams // Attars // Tooth Powders Much more...

We are joining Hands with other Handmade, eco-friendly,  Bio-Degradable product manufacturers to bring their products to limelight.
Due to high costs of Oils, other Ingredients and Packaging, We are not able to provide samples even for the Whole sale business.
What you Pay for When you Buy Handmade from an Artisans
When Buying from an Hand Maker, you're buying more than just an Object. You are buying hundreds of hours of FAILURES and EXPERIMENTATION. You are buying Days, Weeks & Months of FRUSTRATION & Moments of PURE JOY. You aren't just buying a Thing, you are buying a PIECE of HEART, Part of a SOUL, a moment of some ones LIFE. Most importantly, you are buying the HAND MAKER more time to do something they are PASSIONATE about. Handmade Soaps
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